Drivers Education and Training Program

In today’s society, the ability to drive is a crucial component of a person's independence. However, driving often seems an unattainable goal for those who are limited by illness, injury, psychological or the physiological changes associated with aging. Frazier Rehab Institute's comprehensive Driver Education and Training Program helps these individuals gain back their independence in driving.

Within the program, occupational therapy professionals, certified as driver rehab specialists, work closely with physicians to review the participants medical and driving history, perform a pre-driving and vehicle evaluation, behind-the-wheel evaluation and, if necessary, training and equipment recommendations. All participants are given every opportunity to maximize their driving potential before completing the program.

Find out if you or a loved one is a candidate for the program or contact Frazier Rehab Newburg at 502.451.6886. See a detailed description of the Driver’s Training and Education program.

Frazier is a certified member of the Association of Driver Educators for the Disabled.

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