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To contact Nursing Administration or for other questions/comments, please call 859.313.1711.

Direct Admits/Transfer Line - 888-461-0030

On-Line Feedback/Satisfaction Survey
As our customers and referral network members we value your opinion on our current process as well as any feedback you might provide with suggestions on things that would make this process more seamless for you as providers and especially for your patients as you address their needs for care. Please use this on-line form to provide this information anytime! 

Call 24/7: 888.461.0030
Local Calls can use 859.313.1882

Our Goals

  • 100% Acceptance of all patients referred to our facilities if specialties are available
  • Acceptance with Bed Assignment within 15" of initial call
  • To Foster relationships with all referral facilities/physicians and staff to make this as seamless a transfer process as possible
  • To provide open lines of communications for feedback on our processes which can lead to optimizing this process to best meet the needs of you our customers and most of all the needs of your patients and ours!  

Direct Access Line 888.461.0030
Local Calls: 859.313.1882

Direct Admit Nurse Coordinators:
Betty Wellman, RN
Sherri Hamlin, RN

Quick Procedure/Surgery Scheduling Guide
On Line Direct Admit Process Feedback

Current Process in Place

As the referring facility/physician, call 1.888.461.0030 (Available 24/7)

DANC will take your calls Mon - Fri 7am-11pm

House Administrators will take your calls 11p-7am Weekdays and Weekends

Once you place the call you will be asked:

  • Your Name and Phone number so we can reach you if needed
  • Which facility and specialty you need
  • Name, Diagnosis, and DOB of the Patient

We will then call the Physician on Call for needed specialty at the requested facility (SJH or SJE) and have them call you at the number you provided.

After 15" our DANC nurses will call for confirmation at your facility/office/ED that our physician call did return the call to you. If not we will repage (our goal is that we will be able to do this on the initial call with a three way call directly with our physician on call but currently this is our process).

If the requested physician has not called you within 30" we do have an escalation process in place to address this.

Once we get confirmation of acceptance from the receiving physician we will then:

  • Assign a bed, immediately if there is one available-if  not ASAP
  • Get demographics sheet faxed to our admitting department with notification to them to expect patient and HA notification of pending transfer
  • Notify your Nurses of who to call to give report on transfer
  • Assist in any other way to expedite the transfer for you