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Casual Community Service, and Handmade Hope Crafters

  • Are you interested in a more casual volunteer program?
  • Are you a group looking to do a specific volunteer assignment, such as crafts or snack baskets?
  • Are you an individual interested in making crafts (Click here to see our craft projects and patterns)?
  • Are you a student that needs to provide a limited amount of community service as a requirement of one of your classes?
  • Are you a musician interested in playing music in our lobby area?
  • Are you interested in being a Handmade Hope Crafter (formerly known as Noggineer)? Handmade Hope Crafters knit and crochet baby caps, crib blankets, mittens, etc. for our newborns, and lap blankets for our patients. 

Do you have other ideas for short term or one time projects you can do to support our patients and families?

If so, we are happy to meet you! Please fill out a volunteer application. Groups, please have your contact person fill out the registration form.

Your handmade items can be dropped off anytime, or even mailed to any of our locations.

You'll find links to various projects and patterns in the column to the left of this page.