Cancer Treatments

Patients receiving cancer care at Saint Joseph Health System can be confident that they are getting the most current and specialized treatments available. An interdisciplinary team of experts works together to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Saint Joseph Health System facilities deliver diagnostic, treatment and support services to cancer patients, while still enabling them to pursue their family, work and leisure activities as much as possible.

Every patient who undergoes cancer treatment at Saint Joseph Health System, starts with a treatment plan.  This plan is like a map of the patient's journey.

Each treatment plan takes into consideration a variety of factors:  the type of cancer, how advanced (what stage) it is, the patient's other medical conditions, overall health, age, personal choices, and the best possible recommendations based on research-proven therapy. The goal of treatment varies by patient.  It can be providing relief  from the symptoms, which is called palliation, controlling and stopping the spread of cancer, or curing the cancer so the patient's body is cancer free.

Patients need to know that the treatment plan is a guideline and a starting point, and that it can be adjusted based on changes in their condition.  We also encourage patients to have an ongoing dialogue with their health care team. No question is too small. In fact, we encourage any and all of them.  We want to make sure you thoroughly understand every aspects of your treatment- from how a procedure works, to how long treatment will last, to how to manage side effects.

Types of Cancer Treatment

Your plan of treatment may include one or a combination of these types of cancer treatment:

  • Surgery, which is a procedure to remove cancer from the body
  • Systemic therapy, which is a treatment for the whole body, such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy
  • Radiation therapy, which destroys cancer within the body with carefully aimed beams of radiation

Focused on the Future of Cancer Treatments

Like all leading cancer programs, Saint Joseph Health System continually looks to the future for the newest technology, the most advanced interventions, the breakthrough medications, the ultimate cures.

Learn more about our Cancer Program

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