Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Tear with Dr. Kevin Magone

October 18, 2021 Posted in: HealthBreak , Patients & Providers , Orthopedic Care  1 minute read time

Video Transcript

The rotator cuff is the part of the shoulder where four main muscles merge into one tendon. As we age, activities of daily living can often cause a tear in the rotator cuff. Dr. Kevin Magone describes the symptoms.

Dr. Kevin Magone with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedics

Typically, patients have night pain. They lay on that shoulder and that's when they're putting pressure on their shoulder in the right position where they're starting to have pain. It's a very common complaint that they have pain on the outside of their shoulders, specifically at night.

They also can complain of pain with overhead activity. Physical therapy helps not only with strengthening and mobility of the shoulder and trying to get the range of motion back, but also with pain.

If therapy doesn't work, surgery is another option.

A vast majority of my rotator cuff repairs are done arthroscopically, which is a couple poke holes around the shoulder. You're repairing that tendon back down to bone, but you're also cleaning out the bursitis and the general inflammation that's inside the shoulder.

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