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Common Causes of Bunions and Available Treatment Options

December 12, 2021 Posted in: HealthBreak , Orthopedic Care  1 minute read time

Video Transcript

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The pain from a bunion can be severely limiting. Dr. Jan Veloso from CHI Saint Joseph explains what causes a bunion.

Dr. Jan Veloso with CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group - Orthopedics

Most people think of a bunion as that bump that we see. That's not necessarily what's exactly happening underneath the skin. What's actually happening is the first metatarsal bone, the one right behind your big toe, has shifted over. And it's actually a bone deformity forming.

What we can do that may help this from getting worse is put you into a supportive orthotic. 

The other thing that people can do is definitely buy wider shoes. There are silicone toe spacers you can buy that will put a space between those two toes, so they're not pushing against each other.

Most bunion surgeries, what we end up doing is correcting the deformity, that involves either shifting the bones, making bone cuts. We'll put plates or screws across the bone cuts to allow that to heal up.

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