Baby Crafts for Babies

These projects include but are not limited to knitted or crocheted baby hats, crib sheets, diaper pads, mittens and no sew knotted comfort dolls. 

Baby Caps: 

If you would prefer to have these patterns mailed to you, please contact Gail Berish at 859.313.1290.

If you have a baby hat pattern you like better, feel free to use it. All hats should meet the following specifications. When the hat is laid flat, the bottom should measure 5" to 6 ½" without being stretched, or 34cm in circumference; and the depth from the band to the crown should be about 6".  If some of the hats are smaller/larger, they can still be used.  We can use as few or as many hats as you are willing to make. We would prefer not to have pom-poms on top of the hats.

Customizing Crochet Hat Sizes - Click here to learn more.

Click here for printable knit and crochet patterns.

Please be sure to wash your projects before turning them in. We recommend washing with Dreft.

Pattern for Crib or Lap Blanket:
These 2 patterns are the easiest to knit and crochet squares. You are welcome to use any pattern that you know. The finished blanket size should be 30" x 36" (30 squares). 6 inches is the length of any paper money

Cast on 20 stitches, then straight knit until you square is 6 inches long. Use 10 1/2 size needles.

Chain 20 stitches, then single crochet until your square is 6 inches long.

Crib Sheet:

These will need to be made out of a flat cotton material, please nothing fuzzy like flannel. They can be a simple square of material with a zigzag stitched border. No need to be fancy, just something in a baby pattern. The main Nursery needs them to be 26 x 32. The NICU needs them to measure 28 x 22.

Crocheted Mittens (these mittens could be knitted as well):

Materials: size F crochet hook; Bernat Baby Yarn

Chain 4, join with a slip stitch to first chain, to make a ring
Row 1:  Chain 3 (count as first DC) 9 DC into ring slip stitch to top of chain 3   10 DC
Row 2:  Chain 1, turn, 2SC in the same space as the chain 1, 2 SC in each DC around.  Slip stitch in the first SC  20 SC
Row 3:  Chain 2 (does not count as a stitch) turn,  DC in the same space as chain 2, 1 DC in each SC around.  Slip stitch in the first DC   20 DC
Row 4:  Chain 1 turn 1 SC in the same space as the chain 1, 1 SC in each DC around   slip stitch in the first SC    20SC
Row 5:  As 3rd row
Row 6:  As 4th row
Row 7:  As 3rd row
Row 8:  As 4th row
Row 9:  As 3rd row
Row 10:  As 4th row
Row 11:  Chain 3, HDC in same stitch as a chain 3  to form a shell * slip the next SC (HDC chain 1 HDC) to form shell in the next SC, continue from* around.  Join with slip stitch in chain 2 of beginning of chain
Row 12:  slip stitch into center of shell, chain 3 HDC into center of same space, shell into center of each shell around , join with slip stitch in chain 2 of beginning chain
Row 13:  As previous row:  end off.
Make a chain of about 10” or 50 chains weave through Row 9 and tie in a bow. 

Fleece Blankets with Crocheted Edges

Cut the fleece to 30" x 36" inches, then click on the link below for further instructions.

Sewn Cuddle Dolls: Instructions