Amputee Rehab Program

An amputation to an extremity may occur due to trauma or disease. Having an extremity amputated is a life changing event.

Frazier Rehab Institute provides comprehensive treatment and addresses lifestyle changes to promote independence and functional mobility.  Our treatment approach is for all levels of amputation – both upper and lower extremities – and provides post-operative amputation treatment as well as prosthetic training.  Individuals who have amputations are provided therapy (from acute care through outpatient rehab) in order to return to the home and community environments.  This involves not only the patient, but also the family and friends who make up their support network.  Together, Frazier can help ensure a successful outcome.  

Program Goals and Benefits:

  • Provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach including physical and occupational therapy, psychology, therapeutic recreation and nutrition consultation
  • Assist patients with adaptive daily living skills
  • Educate patients regarding prosthetic options, community resources and adaptive recreation
  • Promote overall improved health and mobility to prevent further limb loss
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the patient and family to identify needed resources and services, and make appropriate referrals (Vocational Rehab, Veterans Affairs, Amputee Coalition of America, adaptive driving evaluation, etc).
  • Promote maximum functional independence at home and in the community


  • Close relationships with all prosthetic companies in the area
  • Life skills training with emphasis on:
    • Adjustment to life without a limb
    • Skin care
    • Pain management
    • Management of diabetes and vascular disease (if applicable)
    • Pre-prosthetic limb care
    • Preparation for prosthesis
    • Preservation of remaining of limbs
    • Adaptive mobility (wheelchair training, use of crutches/walkers)
  • Adaptive driving evaluations
  • Wheelchair and DME prescription
  • Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic

Video Resources

For additional resources on amputee rehabilitation, watch the Amputee Rehabilitation and Community Reintegration and Living Well with Limb Loss video series, provided by the Amputee Coalition.

Program Locations:

Frazier Rehab Institute, 220 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, KY 40202, 502.582.7400

Frazier Rehab Institute/Medical Center Jewish East, 3920 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40207, 502.259.6608

Frazier Rehab Institute/Northeast, 2401 Terra Crossing Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40245, 502.210.4500

Frazier Rehab Institute/Springhurst, 4801 Olympia Park Plaza, Louisville, KY 40241, 502.426.3353

Frazier Rehab Institute/Stonestreet, 9700 Stonestreet Road, Louisville, KY 40272, 502.995.2415

Frazier Rehab Institute/Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, 4402 Churchman Ave., Louisville, KY 40215, 502.363.7800

Frazier Rehab Institute/Bullitt County, 1905 West Hebron Lane, Shepherdsville, KY 40165, 502.955.7705

Frazier Rehab Institute/Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, 727 Hospital Drive, Shelbyville, KY 40065, 502.647.4285

Frazier Rehab Institute/Corydon, 313 Federal Drive NW, Suite 110, Corydon, IN 47112, 812.738.4942