Acute Care Rehab

Frazier Rehab Institute provides skilled therapy services for KentuckyOne Health in the Louisville area. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies as well as psychological services are provided to each patient whose doctor recommends therapy. The team provides therapy to all areas of KentuckyOne Health in the Louisville area including med/surg, orthopaedic, neurologic/CVA, cardiopulmonary, transplant, thoracic and open heart surgery, oncology, ventilator care and intensive care.


The rehab team will initiate therapy at the hospital bedside, and these therapists are the patients’ first exposure to rehab. Evaluation and treatment recommendations are made to the patients’ care managers regarding: patients’ mobility level, communication, swallow function and precautions, cognitive function, self-care status, safety, adaptive equipment and durable medical equipment recommendations, home exercise programs, and splinting/bracing fabrication or recommendations. Upon discharge, this rehab team provides recommendations for appropriate level of care. Discharge recommendations made by therapists may include acute or subacute rehab, home health therapy or simply a home exercise program. Each patient's treatment and recommendations are provided on an individual basis.

Service Locations:


Frazier Rehab Institute
220 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.582.7400