2015 Community Benefit

2015 Community Benefit Report

Our Commitment to the Commonwealth

We are pleased to share the annual Community Benefit Report for 2015.

We continue to work to improve the health status of the citizens of the Commonwealth  of Kentucky. In December 2015, we were heartened to read that America’s Health Rankings noted an  improvement in Kentucky’s place among other states, moving from 47th to 44th among the fifty states in health status. This was due in large part to the expansion of Medicaid and the availability of more affordable health plans for Kentuckians. Our uninsured rate has dropped from over 20% to just under 9%. This progress allows many more people to have regular access to care.  

Sadly, other numbers did not change. Kentucky remains first in cancer deaths across the nation and second in tobacco use. These are just two troubling statistics among others that tell us there is more work to do.

Our report highlights some important and creative programs we are offering to the  community. They represent our firm belief that health is not only about what happens in a hospital or a doctor’s office. It is also about what happens in our schools, homes, work places, neighborhoods and our larger community environment.

You will note important programs that address violence in our neighborhoods and schools, preventive efforts in heart disease, obesity, and cancer. We are looking to the future in our efforts to spark the interest of young people in careers in health care.  

These efforts give us confidence that as we move into a new era of health care, we are paying attention to the many facets of people’s lives that affect their health.  

To bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved.

2015 Community Benefit Report 

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Ruth W. Brinkley
President and CEO


Richard A. Schultz
Board Chair